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In a world where people are increasingly being treated as just a number, assert your individuality with Morrison Insurance Solutions.

Many of our clients have businesses to run and busy private lives which can leave very little time to concentrate on their Personal Insurance arrangements. For our clients benefit we have introduced a ‘personal client handler’ service. You won’t find a call centre operation - you’ll be connected directly to a highly experienced professional who will not only give you all the help and advice that you need, but will also do all the hard work for you.

Everyone wants a very competitive premium. However, as professional Brokers we have worked with leading Insurers, not only to negotiate competitive premiums for our clients, but to ensure that there is no compromise in terms of the quality of the cover provided.

We are acutely aware that the requirements of each individual varies significantly and so we strive to ensure that we come up with a solution that truly meets your individual needs, rather than just provide you with an ‘off the shelf’ package put together by Insurers.

Quality insurance, competitive premiums...

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