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Advice for tenants and leaseholders - Non-weather related water damage

Every year millions of pounds of damage is caused to property and contents because of non-weather related water damage. This is mostly due to accidental overflows or defective plumbing apparatus.

Repairing water damage can be difficult and because of the drying periods needed, quite protracted. Damp can cause rot and mildew which can be very invasive. This all adds up to a lot of inconvenience.

Tenants and leaseholders can do a great deal to reduce the risk of water damage and the disruption it causes them.

Common issues

Plumbing apparatus

• Plumbing apparatus in hard water areas is more prone to build up of timescale
• A failure by installers to fit overflows to toilet cisterns can lead to leaks
• Burying unprotected copper water pipes under concrete floors (this allows chemicals within the concrete to attack the metal pipework. The resulting leaks are difficult to repair)
• Failing to have central heating systems serviced by an annual maintenance contract
• Failing to follow advice about rust inhibitors that extend the life of the central heating system and minimise leaks

Preventative measures


• Ensure the drain hoses from washing machines and dishwashers are firmly in the drainpipes and cannot jump out
• Ensure the water inlet pipes for appliances are correctly fitted
• Check and clear the filters in washing machines and dishwashers regularly. If a machine has a special self-cleaning programme it should be used
• Properly maintain appliances
• Do not leave washing machines or dishwashing appliances on whilst the property is left unattended


• Ensure that the seal between the bath/shower cubicle and the wall tiles is watertight to prevent leaks
• Never leave the bathroom when you are running a bath

Need to know more?

Water damage can be extremely disruptive to people’s lives but with a little effort it can be avoided. Our tips offer a practical checklist of things tenants and leaseholders can do to avoid unnecessary inconvenience. If you would like to discuss anything more about water damage you can speak to one of our experts now.

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