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Theft of heating oil

According to Which?* heating oil prices have risen by 33% between January 2016 and January 2017, with prices often being higher in the winter. This has resulted in a major hike in thefts from both domestic and commercial properties.

Although sometimes only small amounts of oil will be taken at a time, it is more likely that the whole tank will be drained. This results in the first indication that a theft has taken place, is when the heating stops.

The methods used by thieves can be very crude, such as drilling or punching holes in the sides of tanks, which obviously leaves extensive damage to the tank on top of the theft of the oil inside.There are some practical steps you can take to reduce the risk of theft:

bullet-arrow-indent.gifMonitor oil levels regularly

bullet-arrow-indent.gifConceal the tank location with hedging, fencing or walling

bullet-arrow-indent.gifIf the tank is in a building keep entry doors and windows locked when access is not needed

bullet-arrow-indent.gifIf overlooked by nearby buildings consider installing security lighting

bullet-arrow-indent.gifAsk neighbours to be vigilant and report anything suspicious. Equally, join your neighbourhood watch for regular local updates

bullet-arrow-indent.gifPadlocking the valve might deter less determined thieves

bullet-arrow-indent.gifLock outer gates if you have them, to make it harder for thieves to make their escape with the oil

bullet-arrow-indent.gifConsider an alarm that alerts you if the oil levels drop suddenly or if the lock is  attacked

bullet-arrow-indent.gifConsider CCTV

As heating oil is a pricey commodity that you wouldn’t want to lose, please call us if you would like more information on how to protect your property on 01789 761680


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