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Snow & Ice Advice

The Issue

There has been considerable snowfall during the last two winters. The sustained nature of these events, combined with low temperatures has produced hazardous conditions underfoot that have lasted for many weeks.

Most commercial buildings have some external areas that are used by employees, deliveries or the general public and building owners or their tenants have an obligation under health and safety legislation to keep every pedestrian traffic route within their premises free from substances that may cause someone to slip, trip or fall.

The Solution

Property owners and tenants should have a plan to deal with the problem should it arise. Consideration should be given to the following when formulating your plan:


What manpower and equipment will you have available should bad weather strike? Practically how many staff will be available (usually needed early morning) to clear areas and spread grit? Do you have sufficient equipment readily available on site, including sufficient grit and the means to transport it around the site?


Decide which areas should be cleared for the premises to operate safely. Priority should be given to the building’s entrances, including goods and visitor entrances as well as staff entrances. It may be impractical to keep all car parks and areas clear so decide what you need to do to ensure untreated areas are not used.


Everyone should be aware of their responsibilities within the plan. Make sure you have a plan to maintain the areas that you have decided to clear so that they do not re-freeze over.


Employees should be informed of the bad weather plan in advance and be aware of the areas that will be prioritised for clearing so that they know what to expect when they arrive for work. Signs at the entrance to public areas should be used advising visitors of untreated areas. Make it clear that they use untreated areas at their own risk.


A premises specific risk assessment for operating the site in bad weather should be carried out and recorded.

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